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Back To School Personal Progress

You might be going back to school soon ... or be in school already, but either way, start chipping away at your Personal Progress! The below experiences are perfect for doing while in school. 

And look for Fall Personal Progress, Fall Personal Progress Rewards, and Fall General Conference Resources, and more! ;) Be sure to Pin and share!

Yours Truly,
Molly Mormon

New Come Follow Me Guidelines

One day I was just checking something in a Come Follow Me Lesson when I noticed that it had changed! Not anything major... except for class presidency members like me that will now be expected to hold pre-and post- lesson meetings. I thought that, as usual, make a printout would make life easier, so I made one!

Below is the preview: 

There is a front and back of the sheet, and you can get it here! Enjoy!

Yours Truly, 
Molly Mormon

2019 Mutual Theme Announced!

I definitely felt bad that I didn't release Peace in Christ related materials in a timely manner, so when they announced the 2019 Mutual Theme I was overjoyed to know I have plenty of time to create resources for next year.

There will be 2019 Class Presidency Binder Packs, Mutual Planning Items, Come Follow Me Planning Items, and so much more, but I think I don't really need to release those until a little later in the year. 

The YM and YW presidencies released it today, and it was on a lds.org blog post, and I think the reason that they released it early was to a) help leaders prepare but b) help the youth to begin to learn about it, think about it, study it, etc. Quoting the lds.org blog post:

"'The purpose of the yearly theme is to provide opportunities for youth worldwide to learn about, study, internalize, and apply the principles taught in the scripture,' the letter reads. 'Youth are encouraged to memorize the scripture, study its doctrine, and act on the principles learned throughout the year.' The theme is also designed to be used in 'Mutual opening exercises, as a topic for sacrament meeting talks given by youth, and to provide focus for youth activities—including camps, youth conferences, and devotionals,' the letter continues."

Speaking of using the theme in Mutual opening exercises, check out the Peace in Christ 2018 Mutual Conducting Outline which was recently released. I'll definitely release a 2019 version when January gets a bit closer.
Okay. I've talked about the theme enough. You're probably wondering, what is the theme? Similar to the graphic on the top, I created a graphic spelling it all out:

Ta-da! Next year, it's "Keep My Commandments!" If you don't understand, it's the two stone tablets of the Ten Commandments arranged in a heart!

The above graphic is a nice square, but below I have that and other sizes for printing purposes. My graphic design program is being buggy as of late, so if you are reading this right as it's been posted, I'll add more sizes tomorrow.

Also, although the YM really get on my nerves sometimes, I decided that I guess they deserve a one in "boy colors" (although if they like the pink version, that's totally cool.)

You may wonder, If I'm supposed to focus on keeping the commandments next year, what even are they? I know them in general, but sometimes they can be hard to remember exactly.

The printout below should help!

I love how this turned out! It is ideal for the back of a Keep My Commandments Binder -- coming soon! You can print it for free here.

And, I am happy to update, I now have the 2019 Binder Set for only $3.99! It includes over 60 pages for a very low price and I'm confident it will help you and your presidency stay organized next year.

It's on my Etsy shop - be sure to check it out, Pin, and favorite the shop!

Get it here.

Yours Truly,
Molly Mormon