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Faith 7

"The Lord has commanded us to pay tithing. Read Doctrine and Covenants 119and Malachi 3:8–12. Since obedience to the law of tithing is an evidence of your faith, pay a full tithe. After three months record in your journal how paying tithing has helped your faith grow. List blessings in your life, both large and small, that have come because of your faith in the principle of tithing."

You can get the free printable worksheet for this value experience right here

If you are planning a Personal Progress activity around this experience, here are "5 Inspirational Tithing Stories" from Prepare to Serve that you could share. 

Now that all the official things are out of the way... I did it! Now ALL Faith and Virtue worksheets are available. Not all may be redesigned. Not all may be perfect. But I did it! Only six more values to go.

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