Winter Holidays

I love sharing Latter-Day Saint resources for the holidays, and especially the winter season! On this page, you can find ideas for holidays/events that happen in winter, listed in chronological order. 


"For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace."
-Isaiah 9:6 

I love Christmas soooo much and there is no shortage of printables and resources to help you, as you fulfill your callings and participate in #LightTheWorld festivities during this time, on the blog.

ALL CHRISTMAS IDEAS: Check out my LDS Christmas Pinterest Board, featuring helps from other Latter-Day Saint bloggers as well!


This quote is all about Christmas music, which I'm very obsessed with. Check out this quote here!

And this quote reminds us of Christmas' humble and simple origins. When things get overwhelming, it's a good reminder of how things were with the event that started it all. Check out this quote up close over here.

This Christmas quote is all about a truly Christ-centered Christmas. You can find it here.

And this final quote! This one was super fun to create. Check out exactly why it's a story of love on the blog post here.


I always do a cute lil gift idea for Young Women around each holiday, but this time I share 3! These are all super Christ-centered, fun, inexpensive group-friendly Christmas gifts. If you're stumped on what to get your Young Women, head over here!

And then to add even more Christmas gift ideas to the lineup, I created a #LightTheWorld Christmas gift idea & free gift tag printable. You can learn more about this gift idea here.


And then for some Christmas FHE ideas, I got y'all covered! The first is a family Christmas tradition idea that we always do with cute free printables and a lesson idea.

And this is an amazing FHE packet that I created to go with the #LightTheWorld initiative with ideas for teenagers, older kids, and younger kids. I didn't include all of the pics out of that post to minimize scrolling time for y'all, but it has so many different #LightTheWorld ideas and is packed with value! You can check it out for free here. 

New Year's

When it's the new year, I know that Children and Youth goal setting for the new program, planning yearly activities, and the new 2020 youth theme will be on many people's minds! You can check out more specific pages that I have created for those events.

Valentine's Day

Y'all! Valentine's Day is like so close as I'm writing this lol! I have been like holding my breath for all of January bc I love this holiday so much, and it's at the beginning of February so we have to get going asap! And now I feel like it isn't too soon to go crazy for it! So all the Valentine's decor is going up and I'm now sharing Valentine's Day resources for y'all on the blog.

ALL VALENTINE'S DAY IDEAS: Check out my LDS Valentine's Day Pinterest Board, featuring helps from other Latter-Day Saint bloggers as well!

Don't worry, there is totally a ton of stuff for the holiday ;) but I was organized and stuffed it into 2 awesome blog posts.

This first one is the classic holiday quotes that everyone loves. I mean, who wouldn't love this -- the LDS quotes, the adorable pastel pink color palette... aaaaah I am so obsessed check these quotes out by going here.

And then I have the cutest YW treat tag everrrrr! It is for Valentine's Day ANDDDDDD it aligns with the Come, Follow Me that we're going to be studying that week. It was meant to be. Everything is perfect. I really luv it and you can get your own copy by heading over here.

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