a lazy august day + art

This is the first time in the almost-two years of this blog that I haven't posted for an entire month! 🤯💔 

While it may look like I've just ignored this site for the past lil bit, I've been doing anything! There's been lots of behind the scenes work going on, as well as planning + creating of some ahhmazing things in the future.

I've realized that I missed all this blogging, so I'll just quickly share some things I've already done💁🏻‍♀️, some secret projects I've currently working on🤫, + a little piece of Hope of Israel art I made the other day.👩🏻‍🎨

when I did stuff

This month, I've been diligently spreading the word 🗣 about the Back to School treat tags kit before August passes us by and it's too late! It's paid off--so many people have been loving the package to stage some epic back to school drop offs for the students they serve. Grab your copy here!

I also updated the What's Your Type personality partay to include a version for Relief Society! Are you + your sisters all like "long time, no see/connect/do anything for RS?" You can now enjoy this colorful + unifying activity!

secret stuff

The 2021 reading schedule for CFM has been released. I've been spending weeks designing, illustrating, filming, photographing, translating, editing and copywriting to create an amazing D+C experience to help y'all (who speak english, spanish + portuguese) study it up! It's been exhausting, no lie.🥵 But I know it will be so nice to have the printables created + ready to gift! 🎁

The only secret project I've been working on longer than CFM (1 month going strong!) is CFM...for young women! Since April, an amazing freebie to solve your sunday lesson woes has been in the works. 

Part of the reason it's been so delayed is me having so much extra time on my hands with quarantine🥺...no jkjkjkjkjk. I don't want to release it when young women's lessons aren't being held, so with no urgent deadline, I've been slowly trekking along with bite sized project steps crossed off my list. Someday, peoples! Someday.😂

Now, if I revealed every secret project going on over here, pulling back the curtain wouldn't be so amazingly fun. But those are a few of the things I've been working on for y’all. 🤪

artsy stuff

The majority of my readers are leaders (specifically or yw). But have y’all been keeping up with the Gospel Living app or the Insta @strivetobe? The two mediums for youth by the church are SO well done, aesthetic and spot on. You can tell cuz of all the youth who keep up with them “of their own free will.” 🤩😜

And they’re hosting an Art fest, themed on the Hope of Israel prophetic address. As I reread the talk looking for something to draw up, a paragraph caught my eye.

With the Holy Ghost as your companion, you can see right through the celebrity culture that has smitten our society. You can be smarter than previous generations have ever been. And if you are sometimes called ‘weird,’ wear that distinction as a badge of honor and be happy that your light is shining brightly in this ever-darkening world!”

I just want to break this down into pieces by analyzing every single word of deep doctrine our amazing prophet has said! 🤩 But I’ll spare y’all of that and focus in on the section I chose to illustrate. 👇

I love how he invites us to own the fact that we are called to act differently than the world. If we set the stage by accepting and respecting our own standards, others will be more likely to follow along even if they don't share them. 

and that's a wrap

Well, I've now officially accomplished:
-rambling about things which no one cares about ✅
-writing up things no one will read, *but also*✅
-giving myself grace to realize that this August wasn't as lazy as I may think🥰

new content?

🧓🏻 I've been blogging for almost 2 years (it seriously feels like its been furr-evvv-errrr) 😜+ showing up relentlessly with brand new content and ideas. There was, ofc, a hitch in the middle of this run when suddenly all of my content became outdated...whoops! 🤷🏻‍♀️ But I won't lie, this post-less August is kind of hinting at how I want the blog to run in the future.

🤔 I've been considering ways to automate, batch create, and restructure my blog so it doesn't take up so much of my time, like posting one big freebie a year per category instead of weekly posting of mediocre designs that I've analyzed people don't totally use anyway. I also may repurpose + redesign + repost old content to minimize the blogging load.🥵

But even if the blog archives begin to beg to differ: I'm still out here, 🙋🏻‍♀️ pondering and "printspiring" on how to up-level (and sustain) the blog + biz. I don't want this blog to become old/inactive! So we'll see what goes down. And that was a fun little rant!

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