New Years Hand-Lettered Resolutions Worksheet -- Set Your Goals, and Achieve Them Too!

 January 1st: It's a whole new year! Wow! I really can change, and I am flipping going to this year! First, we'll start with eliminating processed foods from my diet -- it's not like they're that commonplace, and oh, we actually will run everyday. Rain or shine. Cold or... colder. 

January 2nd: Meh. You only live life once. Please pass the potato chips. 

Lol..but depressingly... according to, only 9% of adults actually feel like they end up making their goals. 

One of the main components of the gospel is that we can change -- get rid of our awful, bad habits. So why is it so hard?

Here's some goal mistakes I've noticed over the year -- and how to avoid them!

Too Many Goals:

We'll use my health savvy one at the top. "This year, I will eliminate processed foods from my diet. I will run everyday. I will convert all of my BFFs to be vegans with me. I will run a marathon monthly..." Wouldn't you rather excel in one of the above goals than fail in all of them? It's easy to be overwhelmed, especially when you're setting lots of big goals at once. Focus on a few things at a time! That's why the goal worksheet has four goal spaces -- but no judgement if you only set one or two! Remember, some goals can be very hard things to do, and if you really want to acheive them, you will give them the time and energy they deserve!! 

Jumping Into Things:

You wouldn't congratulate Baby on taking her first steps, then go force her to run a marathon! Just as bad habits sorta creep in slooowwwlllyyy, you'll want to start with "small and simple" steps to work up in bigger ones. For example, start running more by first seeing if you get in the 10,000 steps a day. If not, work towards it by walking. Once you've mastered that, you can start getting steps in by going to the gym once a week... then twice... then three times... and then start trying running long distance, etc. Change takes time! 

Being Ambiguous & Not Planning:

"This year I want to be my very best self." WHY? WHEN? WHERE? Most importantly, HOW???
These abstract thoughts are... fun. But not super helpful. Setting out concrete ideas is better. And once you've set a great goal, then create a plan. A goal without a plan isn't getting anywhere, and a plan without a goal... is pretty useless. That's why there are lines provided! On them, you can list your baby steps, and how you will daily, monthly, weekly implement these changes. 

Check In Often:

Why do we save New Years for doing life check-ins and setting goals? Seriously, come on. Yes, there is that natural "it's the beginning" feeling, so if you really feel like you need that, evaluate how you're doing on goals and in general on Mondays, beginnings of months, or any other "beginning day" that occurs more often.

That's all the advice I have... except for using this supercute worksheet!
It's hand-lettered, bright and colorful, and will hopefully help you truly acheive your goals!

Yours Truly,
Latter-Day Lucie

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