#LittleLamb is with Latter-Day Lucie

If you're a Latter-Day Saint who sees many Latter-Day Saint outlets, blogs, and magazines, like me, you may have heard about this Little Lamb from Bethlehem craze. 

If you're an average person, you may heard of the Elf on the Shelf!

But this Little Lamb is a more Christ-centered alternative. 

After seeings ads, sponsored posts, and videos about this EVERYWHERE, I was all like "Bah, humbug! I GET THAT THE LITTLE LAMB EXISTS SO LEAVE ME ALONE!" Heheh.

But when a Lamb came into our posession after a White Elephant gift exchange, I thought, "Maybe this is isn't such a bad idea. After, all, it's fun to feel trendy." 

Upon its opening, I realized one thing was missing: clear instructions.

It's nice when they give you flexibility, but this whole 'eh, you come up with what to do' thing (and when people are vague in general) drives me CRAZY (!!!!) so after more searching, and eye-rolling, I (as usual) concluded I would have to go to the drawing board!

I was relieved to have finally devised a system that was easy, but not lame. 

The Silent Service Method

 Introduce the Little Lamb into Your Home

You'll Need: Little Lamb Boxed Set ("only" 26.99, although DesBook is having a Cyber Week sale). Yes, this is wayyyy overpriced, but, fortunately for the disappointed reviewers who lamented about how the suggestions were vague or too hard to do, I'm confident this method will be perfect. Also, Little Lamb Adoption Certificate, get theirs here, and the poem from Little Lamb I made.

This works best on a Sunday. Have everyone get into the car, and then sneakily as can be, set up the Lamb, book, and perhaps adoption certificate, on somewhere noticeable like the kitchen table. Then go to church, and once everyone comes back, wait for the kids to be like, "WHAT?!? MAGIC!"

So slick. Now look at that. A clean kitchen? That really is magical. 

Engage in reading the story, and then read aloud the Little Lamb poem. 

This cute poem explains exactly what will be done - in rhyming verse.

Basically, the Little Lamb will be daily passed around the house. On the first night, the youngest family member (that wants to) gets to sleep with Little Lamb. The next day, they must find a place to do service. Maybe Suzy's bed is messy? The person holding the Little Lamb could make it, set the Little Lamb on the pillow, and write a note pretending to be the Little Lamb, saying positive things about the recipient of the service. They could also recommend the next recipient. The person who finds the Little Lamb with a note addressed to them can sleep with it, and do their service the next day. And it goes on and on and on! 

It's all the secrets and fun of Elf on the Shelf, but without the 'parents-lying-to-kids' 'elf teaching misbehavior,' and 'always having to move the Elf' part. Really, introducing the Lamb is all YOU have to do!

I made some blue matching notecards - you can cut these up and keep them in stock for when a nice note needs to be written.

When posting on social media, use the #Little Lamb! I'm excited to begin this soon, and hope it goes well for your family!

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And, if you want, you say "Oh, kids, we'll look at the Lamb later," and do the "Introducing the Lamb" activity for your FHE!  

Yours Truly,
Latter-Day Lucie

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