choose to be kind - young women back to school gift

So, what exactly do you give the Young Women when it's back to school time?

No matter what your philosophy is on rewards and treats for the girls, all opinions are respected here, I just am trying to cater to lots of different types of YW leaders and their needs!

Before, if you weren't super into that sort of thing, well I didn't share it. 😂 But now I am giving away this adorable back to school gift printable.

Do any of y'all know about KIND bars? Omigosh, I love them so much. They are a tad expensive, so I'm not exactly eating them around the clock, but they are just so cool with incorporating healthy ingredients. When I was thinking about lil treats that would be appropriate for back to school, these came to mind. 

I whipped up a printable and a General Conference quote, but kept it vague so that any Latter-Day Saint could give it to anyone. I mean, honestly, any nonmember human who isn't somehow weirdly against quoting the amazing President Eyring could even use this for back to school. 

The bottom line of this 5 x 7 printable? Have courage and be kind. This line comes from the Cinderella movie (new one) and intersects with this cute treat and I just thought it was especially appropriate for going back to school. 

Choosing to be the one who reaches out, who loves instead of pushes away, like the Savior was, can really be scary. But we really can do it and challenge our "people" to do it this school year, whoever they may be. 

If you're not wanting to purchase KIND bars for each of the Young Women - auxiliary budgets can be tight ;) I also found a DIY recipe to make copycat versions of the bars.

You can get the 5 x 7 treat tag in a moment, but before you dash off, would you follow my Pinterest account? I'm just starting out, so your support is awesome. To see similar things like this, you could also follow my LDS Back to School (all back to school things LDS) and Celebrate the Young Women  (round-ups of the best gifts for yw) Pinterest boards. Head over to get the free download here. 

There are different sizes of KIND bars, so I just made one that you could give out alongside any bar, not necessarily attached to it. ;)

Y'all, I know this is super late, but better now than... October or smth right? Lol. I'm trying! 

It's still that magical month of September!

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