it's all up to you!

This... Friday (!) I just have an adorable little quote and crazy idea for y'all:

"Your mind is a garden... your thoughts are the seeds. You can grow flowers... or you can grow weeds."

What?!? And it rhymes?

I love this quote, because, of course, it's all about, spring, flowers, and is, like, supercute. And. You guys. It's such a mega truth nugget!

I just have to say, it's so empowering knowing that it's all on you, although it is a little more tough than just sitting back and indulging in some eye rolling and misery and "poor me." 

You can't control your circumstances... but you can control your thoughts about them, which will control everything! So crazy.

Another thing this points out is that it's always a choice. You can always grow weeds. You can be judgy, and bitter, and mad... iss fine. But do you really want that kind of life?


Enjoy your weekend, everyone. Loving this work, thought work, the weather, spring! And it's almost summer. Sigh. Be sure to Pin and share, and check out my profile for other inspirational quotes.

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