FHE/Devotional: How Elves Are Like Missionaries

Has anyone seen the Disney short film Prep and Landing?

As I rewatched it with the sibs for the upcoming Christmas season, I was alarmed/amused by the similarities it held to the more common Mormon Movie, The Best Two Years. 

In this animated short, elves work in SAME GENDER PAIRS to prepare each house for the arrival of the BIG GUY. Wayne (the Elder Rogers guy) is thrilled because he thinks he is going to get promoted to  Head of the Naughty List. But, his COMPANION GETS WHAT HE WANTS INSTEAD. So, Wayne GETS A NEW COMPANION. Lenny (the Elder Calhoun clone) has the high pitch’s voice, southern accent, and excited “greenie” spirit — all he’s missing is Elder Calhoun’s big chunky glasses. They have no time to waste and they get dropped off at a house, where Wayne goes into a self pity coma and eats a bunch of Santa’s Christmas cookies and watches TV, while Lenny goes around the house doing what he is supposed to. Then.... 😱. A creature is stirring! A boy has waken up, and the elves carry him back up to his bed. They see him sleeping all cute and sucking his thumb and Wayne remembers the true spirit of Christmas and why HE BECAME AN elf. Sound familiar??

The Best Two Years came a long time before Prep and Landing, so either an Latter-day Saint was on the production team or I’m like.... good at finding gospel parallels! 💁🏻‍♀️☺️

So, looking for a Christmas devotional or fun FHE? Look no further!

Elves & Missionaries FHE

Opening Song: We’ll Bring the World His Truth

Lesson: In the movie that we’ll watch, Prep and Landing,  Santa - the big guy - can’t spread all of the Christmas cheer on his own! So before he goes to houses, he sends pairs of elves to go get the houses ready for him. What does this remind you of? (Missionaries!) Discuss the gospel parallels and have a discussion about, how, like the elves and missionaries, WE can be "Light The World" by doing missionary work this week. 

Activity: Watch the movie Prep and Landing. It’s only about 25 min. Then create Christmas cards and send them to relatives that are Missionaries, ward missionaries, or missionaries from your ward.

Treat: Edible Elf Hats

Closing Song: Called to Serve

Yours Truly,
Latter-Day Lucie

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